Funeral Broadcast solution

In todays times it is only fair to provide your family and friends the opportunity to be apart 
of your serivce.

ODB live broadcast solution provides this through a managed environment, enabling you to 
provide famliy and friends a encrypted link and secure login process keeping your repsects

Solution 1: Funeral Directors Serivce

  • Landing page: outlining what your service provides while also providing your clients a digital introduction to the service you are about to hold. 
  • Live broadcast license, 50 gig ODB Media cloud space, 
  • Full branding and recognition of your service on ODB guide, Landing page and within all content provided. 
  • Link to your website and encrypted link for you to share across your clients fmaily. 
  • Broadcast channel on ODB Entrance network

Solution 2: Simple and private service 

  • Live broadcast license, 50 gig ODB Media cloud space.
  • Link to your website, encrypted link to share across family and friends. 
  • Broadcast channel on ODB entrance network.