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Platform vs Website What's the Difference??

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    September 17, 2019 3:52 PM NZST

    Platforms vs Website

    A question we get asked a lot is "Isn't this just a website".  The short answer here is...... NO!! 

    Platforms are content driven with minimal text which enables you to capture, secure and manage all of the content and data attached to it.  It is a collection of code written programming language that is used to generate and manage dynamic protocols and online engagement.

    Within the platform you will be asked to answer all the criteria questions,  the system itself will then self-generate your completed tasks and display all information provided as a fully completed visual online presence.

    For example when you request to set up an ODB eCommerce store or a channel on the ODB TV Network from our Servers, the server fetches the input data needed to complete the task.

    In comparison, websites are more static.  Most have unchanging text and images which are heaviliy reliant on web management service providers.  This is an expensive ongoing commitment which we believe may well become a thing of the past. 

    With the evolution of the Platform, this now enables a much higher level of self-management for the more common tasks internally and only relies on managed services or support for the more critical task management procedures.

    Platform Benefits include:

    • Minimises ongoing costly design tasks
    • Increases self-managed capabilities
    • Integration of International Protocols
    • International delivery methods
    • Replicates across multiple regions
    • Provides a closer point of presence to your audience
    • C.O.P.S  (Control, Ownership, Privacy, Security) 

    ODB Network Common Platform Structure offers:

    • A dedicated domain for your network
    • Design and construction of your ODB Channels and/or your eCommerce 
    • Selected regions of distribution (markets)
    • Dedicates your platform to our already provisioned infrastrucure across the globe within your selected regions of distribution
    • Then you monetise your content and introduce your viewers/audience to a subscription format. Encourage advertising by introducing the new methods available within the platform that allow you to leverage social media markets.  

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